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VISCOUNT OPEN at EASTER and March Update

Story added on 22nd March 2013

An early update this time with maybe more to follow. The reason being is that because Easter is so early this year we couldnt miss the opportunity to advertise (a bit earlier than usual) our latest news. Just in case you are scanning the web and deciding on your Easter itinery.

We are of course mainly referring to the progress on the Vickers Viscount. This major exhibit will be open at Easter for full public access for the first time at the museum. A guided tour of the aircraft will be laid on over the Easter holidays with the opportunity to wander around the Cabin and Galley areas of this classic 1950s airliner. Although access to the fully restored cockpit will not be offered due to the fragility of some of the contents good photographic access to the cockpit is assured. Our intention is to have this exhibit open only on special occasions so this will be the first opportunity to get up close and personal to the aircraft. Like most of the larger projects at any museum the restoration is never truly finished and we are still anticipating a further raft of work this summer. Fitting the Dart Engines and the Dowty Propellors went very smoothly on the day. A lot of this was down to correct preparation of all the mating and lifting surfaces and good planning by all the museum staff.

eng fit Eng fit

Eng fit Eng fit

Another small addition was the collection of the Voodoo nose section from the Coventry AIrport Fire service. This section is very heavily battle damage repaired but is none the less a pretty rare cockpit. Further details will follow but at the moment it is NOT on display but safely tucked away in our storage area.

voodoo return

Fingers crossed for some good weather over the Easter holiday. Hopefully some additional photos of the Viscount Easter usage will follow shortly.

baggage viscount

Two photos that show the Viscount is now open for business.

Jan/Feb Update

As keeping warm is hardly newsworthy it is difficult at this time of year to put together an update that contains real substance and is interesting to the world at large. So the net result is a bit of a hotch potch of items that have been glued together to show that we are still here enjoying the work that goes on in the winter.

A quick plug for the Cosford Air Show on Sunday 9th June, tickets are on sale at our reception. So if your thinking of going buying them from us could save you a bit of time on the day.

Back from a long long stint on loan at Bristol University is the Museums Beagle. Arriving in the snow (how else) on a low loader it was quickly off loaded by a well motivated (and cold) team of volunteers. It has for the minute been found a home in the Robin hanger.... read more

December Update

On most December News reviews it is customary to look back on the previous year and comment on the progress of the organisation. Well that is not going to happen here so you will not have to suffer the near terminal boredom that that induces.

Cracking on with a report on the Viscount we have, after two very good sorties to Moreton- in -the-Marsh Fire Training School rescued the missing engine cowlings. As you can imagine they gave the team a hard time and never came off easily, they are of course from an 800 series Viscount but still fit OK. They were in remarkably good condition considering the use to which the aircraft had been put. After a lot of hard work they will all be ready for fitment after the engines have been installed. The picture shows the aircraft as it is at the moment... read more