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Story added on 19th March 2020

Museum closed untill further notice

during the Coronavirus outbreak

50th Anniversary Display

For those of you not aware its our 50th anniversary and we are celebrating it by opening a special display in the Robin Hanger. This display gives a good photographic interpretation of the museums progress from small beginnings to the present day. Along with artifacts and models it is well worth a visit. Pictures will follow but couldnt do justice to the amount of work and effort that has gone in to this extra display. The display is on until the 3rd September.... read more

What will you see and do on your visit.

A time for a slight change of tack from the usual enthusiasts keep up to date type of newsletter, this time it will focus on those who have never visited and really want to know what to expect on there visit and if its worth the effort to visit us.

So apologies for any bad grammer etc as I am much more used to the technical write up scenario.

Firstly you will arrive in a spacious car park where you really can park without hitting another car with your door when you get out and if you hate reversing in to small spaces then this is the place for you. Sounds a simple thing but it often depends on that sort of thing as to what supermarket or car park you go to sometimes.

On arrival you will enter a small corridor with ladies/gents and disabled toilets leading to the reception... read more