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November/December Update

Story added on 7th December 2014

The December model show was very well attended. Uncertain weather might have put a few people off but as the day went on the weather improved. The pictures were taken before the museum was open to the public and shows the traders setting out their stalls. As you can see from the photo taken outside the hanger we appear to have our own mini cockpit fest going on. The Meteor and Harrier cockpits will of course be moved back inside at the end of the day.

model show 1 model show2


To close the chapter on the flare carrier fabrication a few pictures are included to show the finished result. This will be displayed alongside the Canberra in the summer.

flare1 flare2

The close up of the nose fusing units which determine the armed state of the flare when released,all in fully working order Im told.

flare3 flare4

The Beagle interior is being renovated during the winter months. This involves stripping out the interior panels and replacing the fabric. The aim is to have the cockpit ready to open by the summer for public access. This will involve lowering the fuselage and fabricating a trolly for it to sit on. It all sounds easy but really does involve an awful lot of work. There are no immediate plans to attach the wings as yet,mainly due to the physical restraint on moving an assembled aircraft around.

beagle1 beagle2


As this will be the last news update of 2014 the volunteers and staff at the museum would like to say Happy Xmas and hope to see you in the new year.

September/October Update

Firstly a quick reminder of the Model Show held at the museum on the Sunday 7th December starting at 10:00 AM lots of traders and although we cant say what the weather will be its all under cover. Also it might be prudent to mention that we are closed on the 24th December, just to save any dissapointment to visitors. So if your intending to buy that certain special person a model from our extensive range, do it early

A very busy summer season for us this year with numbers significantly up from the last few years especially the group visit numbers. All this despite the huge 5 year planned road works that are engulfing the local area. It is certainly disrupting the lives of the museum staff and volunteers if not the visitors.

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July/August Update

Well the summer holidays are almost over and as usual the best of the weather seems to be still to come. No complaints though as the museum has been extremely busy this summer with the guides pushed to the limit. The weather as usual has played a big part in the summer maintenance programme, it really can get too hot to paint on some days and sitting on the aircraft trying to paint and not get burnt in the process is difficult. Lots of fun moving the Hunter in to a new position between the Javelin and the Argosy. The aircraft hasnt been moved for well over 20 years and after some preparation and an initial tug it all went very smoothly considering the brake units are still in situ.

There is some discussion going on at the moment regarding the installation of a webcam at the museum... read more