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Jan/Feb interim update

Story added on 22nd February 2014

Well it seems a long time since Xmas and although we have struggled through all the high winds and torrential rain I doubt if our survival could be called newsworthy. More newsworthy is the fact that with the exception of some fence panels we came through unscathed.This does mean that we are ideally situated for the coming season.

Our new addition (The Tornado) is all but complete except that it is laid out in airfix style at the moment . This will be rectified in March when we hope to have it standing on its legs and at least partially assembled. Photos will be posted of course of the construction of this quite high profile version of its type.

Steps have been completed over the winter for public access to the Lockheed Electra nose section and even if its not open every day at least you will be able to look in from the rear. The livery is a bit Poignant now as since we painted it in Evergreen colours the company itself has gone in to liquidation. I dont think it was anything to do with us.

So bear with the news updater as items are hard to come by in the winter months but rest assured as we gear up to spring the museum will come alive with new projects. Just be aware that there are some major roadworks going on close by to the site and perhaps a back door approach to the museum is best if you can work it out before hand. Dont trust your sat nav.

Xmas opening

To give the staff and volunteers a well earned break we will be closed on the 24th 25th and 26th December. Seasons Greetings to you all from all of us at MAM.... read more

Sept Oct Update

Firstly let me open with a plug for the Model Show. Held on the 1st December and under cover there will be an abundance of traders and like minded individuals in attendance so do try and make this important event. Treat yourself or others if you have to to that Xmas present you have always wanted.

Next to the Javelin. This important exhibit has now had its repaint completed. A minor proplem was an unforeseen reaction with the Fin flash white paint which had to be removed and redone but apart from that and an awful lot of muscle expended on moving the access equipment around the tail it all went according to plan.

The Lockheed Electra cockpit has had its... read more