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Sept Oct Update

Story added on 5th November 2013

Firstly let me open with a plug for the Model Show. Held on the 1st December and under cover there will be an abundance of traders and like minded individuals in attendance so do try and make this important event. Treat yourself or others if you have to to that Xmas present you have always wanted.

Next to the Javelin. This important exhibit has now had its repaint completed. A minor proplem was an unforeseen reaction with the Fin flash white paint which had to be removed and redone but apart from that and an awful lot of muscle expended on moving the access equipment around the tail it all went according to plan.

jav 1JavelinJavelin

The Lockheed Electra cockpit has had its surround prepared to accomodate the new entrance steps. This will allow safe public access to the rear of this large spacious cockpit. Painted of course in Evergreen Livery the mod state of the cockpit is very similar to the Ice Pilots Electras,so it is still current in some respects. We do hope to have it up and running as an exhibit by christmas.


A full repaint has been carried out on the F104 Starfighter, courtesy of a group from Dulux paints. We are now busy re establishing the decals. Its looking good in its shiny new coat we all just wished the rain was a bit cleaner.


The Viscount has gained one of its missing engine panels on number 4 engine. Fabricated at the museums workshop it is in silver primer at the moment, but will be painted next spring when the stbd wing gets the treatment.


August Update and Latest Arrival

The Art Exhibition finally wound up in early September and all concerned in the organisation and display side of the exhibition breathed a sigh of relief. The Exhibition itself was well attended and the lord Mayor who performed the opening ceromony stayed nearly all day at the museum. Visitors to the museum during the period it was opened were up on normal,but this is really to be expected when you have an exhibition of this class and reputation happening on the site. The Robin Hanger was returned to normal. The Scout,Beagle etc soon resumed there under cover homes.

The Viscount became the proud recipient of its last prop at the end of August. On loan from the Brooklands Museum it is the correct type for the 700 series. Slight corrosion was soon addressed and the fitment went quite... read more

July Update Reminder about the Art Exhibition

Firstly let me plug the Art Exhibition which will be held at the Museum. This gives the public access to view the very best in Aviation art and to meet the artists in person if your lucky. This will be on going until the 8th of September and could well be your opportunity to grace your home with an original piece of Aviation art. Held indoors in our carpeted Robin Hanger it adds an extra dimension to the museums attraction. So please come and browse and have a chat to the artists. Open from 10 am until 5 pm.

No moans about the weather from our willing members to be heard this month, They are all trying to catch up on the tasks that gradually mount up over the winter and spring. Perennial problem though is when you start a job it always ends up taking two to three times the time you... read more