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July Update Reminder about the Art Exhibition

Story added on 11th August 2013

Firstly let me plug the Art Exhibition which will be held at the Museum. This gives the public access to view the very best in Aviation art and to meet the artists in person if your lucky. This will be on going until the 8th of September and could well be your opportunity to grace your home with an original piece of Aviation art. Held indoors in our carpeted Robin Hanger it adds an extra dimension to the museums attraction. So please come and browse and have a chat to the artists. Open from 10 am until 5 pm.

No moans about the weather from our willing members to be heard this month, They are all trying to catch up on the tasks that gradually mount up over the winter and spring. Perennial problem though is when you start a job it always ends up taking two to three times the time you thought it would take, generally caused by finding nasty unseen bits as you proceed with a task. A slight setback in the repaint of the Javelin in that the paint dried with a blue tinge instead of NATO grey. That set a few heads scratching.


The NF14 crew are making steady progress although they are primarily in the guiding field they must ration there time according to their primary function. Radome and the NATO green have been done and it already looks a lot better.

Mil 21

Remember last month when I said watch the gap in the photo. Well now its obviously filled with a large MIL helicopter. This is the first time it has been moved since it arrived at the musem and Im glad to say it all went well. This of course opened up a lot of space outside the hanger some of which has been nabbed by the Lockheed Electra nose.

Electra nose stbd nose

rear electra door

Painted in the colours of Evergreen International with whom it served doing mostly military contract work, it now sits in the place of where the Shack nose used to be (for those of you with long memories). The outside painting is complete ,once again thanks to the fine weather window, the inside is as complete as we can manage. Only thing left is to manufacture some safe access steps to allow guided access. It is envisaged that a viewing window will be provided through the rear access door to allow a peep at the insides at all times though. With the addition of some internal lighting we hope to have it fully accessable by next spring.

I cant let the news update go by without some mention of the tremendous workload imposed by the painting exhibition in the Robin Hanger. Moving aircraft out,cleaning, erecting hanging partitions,painting the floor and then carpet tiling. All this from the same number of bodies is quite an achievement. Not only in the labouring involved but the organising and timing of what to do and when. Still we are hoping for a good exhibition with plenty of visitors.

Vulcan at sunset

I couldnt resist the gratuatous picture of the Vulcan at sunset. It still looks a picture after its repaint and is still one of the only Vulcans in which the cockpit is open for full guided public access without charge 363 days a year. Incidentally the Blue Steel is getting a makeover with some serious anti corroasion work currently in progress before its repaint. More on that to follow.

June Update

Once again time has passed so quickly its almost the end of June already. Although on the surface not much has changed ,underneath an awful amount of work has been carried out to stage the very well recieved Model Show. Plenty of Traders and plenty of buyers. All seem very satisfied with the venue, but it was an awful lot of hard work moving aeroplanes around to accomodate the stalls. It all has to be done again in August for the Bi.Annual Guild of Aviation Art Exhibition. Dates for your diary are 20th August until the 8th September. Open for viewing from 10.30 until 4.30. Artists will be on hand to answer question and to offer advice to would be artists. It has to be said the primary reason for the show is to allow the artists to display and sell their work, so lets wish them well on that... read more

April Update

Thankfully the awful weather hasnt affected our visitor numbers but it does leave you wondering when and if the summer is ever going to get here. Certainly not evening barbecue weather just yet.

Progress is being made on the re-paint of the Javelin. A big aircraft to rub down and one which stands on one of the bogier parts of our site. So moving steps and the giraffe around is a major part of the excercise. It is coming out of 5 Sqn colours and we will leave it a bit in the air as to its new livery. Quite a lot of corrosion around the dive brake area is having to be tackled giving the team some practical experience to follow on from the BAPC corrosion courses they all attended.

The mig cockpit is still undergoing some TLC with the seat getting a... read more